October 2008

sunny+cloudy 19 Oct, 2008

n°posted at 10:11 AM

I wonder how many happy days I've know?
What if at day's end I learned against the weary bridge railing 
and toted them up...?

As lamplight flickers in the mist,
I'll sing this simple melody again and again:
a thousand times more joys than humans

exist for everyone.

[Of Dawn,  Of Dusk The verse of Tachihara Michizo by Iida & Epp ]

cloudy 19 Oct, 2008

f°posted at 10:06 AM

Many writers live in fear of their text to be too strong,
but the unavoidable danger is that they are too weak.

(seize the day)

sunny 18 Oct, 2008

n°posted at 00:06 AM

I saw a dream
man and woman are whispering
dancing on the squeaky wooden floor

Was it just a dream

sunny+cloudy 18 Oct, 2008

f°posted at 00:03 AM

some objects inhabits the room we just left
can you hear them?

It's Home.

sunny 17 Oct, 2008

n°posted at 00:03 AM

I hear the words
It is by the wind over the ocean

Erase the words and let's begin

sunny 16 Oct, 2008

f°posted at 23:33 PM

The journey is beginning.
( Life is waiting )

Magst du tanzen?

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The earth is round. n°is at 35°27' north latitude and f°is at 33°38' south latitude. We live on opposite sides of this sphere, don't we? Eyes of n°and f°occasionally meet each other on white planar surface.