December 2008

sunny 20 Dec, 2008

f°posted at 06:08 AM

I wonder about these windows,
the people who lives behind them.
Lonely, isolated, primitive...
Maybe they see me as the patchwork. 

cloudy 24 Dec, 2008

n°posted at 11:25 AM

House window is a mind of human
If no window, how emptiness mind!

Maybe they see me as the simplification

rainy 17 Dec, 2008

n°posted at 23:30 PM

if you walk on a street
suddenly wind blow
if you look down and find a poet paper
what do you do

cloudy 18 Dec, 2008

f°posted at 12:18 PM

To find beauty, walk slowly. Think slowly. Look closer, and love what you have already found. 

"In times like this, when the essential matter isn't how to stay alive, but to stay human, beauty is the most silent protest, the deepest revolution."

/Hugo Mújica, argentinian poet.

sunny+cloudy 12 Dec, 2008

f°posted at 04:16 AM

Those trees I'll remember,
may the time and life let me keep them somewhere hidden.
To never stop moving beside and under
To never forget.

cloudy 13 Dec, 2008

n°posted at 07:56 AM

I know those remembering trees
I saw the sky screen where clouds are moving
Dejavu is always happened somewhere

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The earth is round. n°is at 35°27' north latitude and f°is at 33°38' south latitude. We live on opposite sides of this sphere, don't we? Eyes of n°and f°occasionally meet each other on white planar surface.