January 2009

sunny 13 Jan, 2009

f°posted at 21:40 PM

The road always led south,
until it dissolves into experience.

sunny 14 Jan, 2009

n°posted at 00:00 AM

I thought it was the way
I thought it was a geographic map
get closer to look at this black and white gap
or is that just a border?

sunny 12 Jan, 2009

f°posted at 22:34 PM

Would you see then
What I see now?

sunny+cloudy 12 Jan, 2009

n°posted at 22:57 PM

I see what you had seen
Because I am free like a bird, fly over the green and white at the same time
My journey has just started

sunny 25 Dec, 2008

n°posted at 08:31 AM

Silent lake covered with white snow
Frozen trees are just standing
Typical image of Christmas here and there

"Merry Christmas"
What about your typical image, f˚?

sunny 07 Jan, 2009

f°posted at 10:52 AM

An advent calendar in a young country. Too young as many think.
We celebrate with Cocacola's Santa Claus, in his red snowcoat for our 32ºC summer.
Our Christmas is just everyone merry christmas.
Happy holidays!

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The earth is round. n°is at 35°27' north latitude and f°is at 33°38' south latitude. We live on opposite sides of this sphere, don't we? Eyes of n°and f°occasionally meet each other on white planar surface.