sunny 10 May, 2009

n°posted at 01:27 AM

holy island I walked along a white sand beach barefoot
I heard the voices of the people who used to live
but there was nobody...nobody
just wild deers know the history of this isolated island

rainy 13 May, 2009

f°posted at 11:24 AM

Chilean people are often silent, even shy.
Tradition used to say 
it's Andes fault. 

Hi, f!
I had a great travel around down in south islands on my spring holiday:))
I will upload more of my photos out of my travel:)
and...we are right now making 3rd issue n°f°. I am for sure the next issue will be an exiting one!
btw, it is very interesting to know what Andes had caused;-)

I'm going back to Atacama Desert (only 3 days this time) for no.made works, but I hope i'll have enough time to shot some pictures. Then we can put the travel sights aside.

3rd Issue is about Patagonia right? Then it's gonna be my favourite one, all my trust to you N!

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